Hiring Demonstrator for NAB 2016

The National Association of Broadcasts (NAB) Show is an annual conference and exposition going from April 16 and continuing until the 21st at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. This show brings together an international excitement of professionals from across the spectrum of digital and broadcasting platforms that create, manage, and distribute entertainment throughout the world.

The NAB show is where the media and entertainment industry has become unleashed. Dynamic innovation and cutting-edge technologies are shattering the boundaries of content and opening limitless opportunities. It is the ultimate marketplace for the professionals of digital media and entertainment, with over 103,000 attendees from 160 countries and over 1700 exhibitors lined up for 2016.

With the advancement of new technologies in being able to engage with exhibitors audiences and having them interact with content across any devices from anywhere. Demonstrating for attendees about the advancements in the engagement with audiences can make dynamic discussions and encourage more interest than advertisement. Being able to interact with attendees gives a premium advantage for exhibitors. Talking about the specifics of the new virtual reality technology isn’t just enough, but being able to demonstrate it to attendees will help exhibitors go over the top at NAB.

As with many other attendees to conventions, the main reason that many digital media and broadcasting professionals is to be able to network and meeting new people in the industry. This can be as simple as saying hello, but other times it can be uncomfortable situation for attendees that aren’t ready to speak with sales staff yet or even buy something they have no idea about. This is where hiring a demonstrator comes in, being able to communicate with the on the fence people that pass by the booth. Talent are gifted in having style and personable demeanor to be able to draw in attedees make people comfortable in an entertaining way.

People might pass by the booth that might not know that the exhibitor product will be detrimental to their business, but if they don’t read advertisement, blogs, articles, or even hear from word of mouth, they may never know that exhibitor exist to help make their business be better and more dynamic. This is why hiring demonstrator might be best to consider for an exhibitors booth. With years of experience, they will be able to draw in the right attendees to the booth and give them a experience that will make them feel apart of the demonstration in a entertaining way.

That is where SpokesModels Agency comes in, we are there from start to finish to make sure that exhibitors hire the right talent for their needs. We work with the Best Talent in the industry, to make sure that they get the talent that will be able to display them for the world to see at NAB. Expecting more because they are paying more is not the best model to follow like with other agencies, it’s all about being smarter with their investment in trade show staff. We make sure that exhibitors are given a competitive rate for the talent that will be able to exceed their needs. We encourage everyone to review our testimonials of our talent as well as our top notch service that has us there every step of the way.

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