Trade Show Models: Why you should pick the proper Spokesmodel

When an Event Exhibitor is looking for something extra for their brand, they often consider hiring a Trade Show Model. Hiring the the right Trade Show Model for your brand is key for your trade show success. As a company, you want to make sure that the model not only reflects your company’s brand image, but the trade show environment as well. There are certain characteristics that an exhibitor should consider to be able to portray the right image for their company at their trade show, such as:


Spokesmodels are able to morph to their surroundings by not only being able to stay professional in every situation but also be able to stay calm and focused, even in the most stressful situations. The best trade show models know how to handle tough questions and rude visitors without putting a negative impression upon your company’s brand. Conventional models will always keep a positive attitude, as well as a open mind when they are working, even a new trade show or helping your company with new tasks.


Convention models will be interacting with booth visitors first, this is why they should portray an outgoing and inviting personality. The Trade Show Models should be able to not only bubbly and friendly personality, but confident, classy, and appealing to exhibitors. That way they are able to represent the brand with sophistication that will be able to draw in attendees.


The level of experience that a Spokesmodel needs to have to best represent the brand is based on the show your company is attending, as well as the type of leads you are looking to get from it. If your company is attending a larger, international convention, the best route is to hire trade show models that are experienced in sales, as well as generating leads due to the level of global executives that will be present as the show. Conventions such as Comic Con would require not as much experience, but rather Promo models that are able to bring attention to the booth.


The style of the Spokesmodel should reflect the trade show, as well as appeal to your target audience at the show you’re attending. Trade shows can go from being very professional setting like a Health Care or Security Conference to very casual such as a sporting or gaming expo. The Spokesmodel’s style should be able to correlate with show, while avoiding standing out negatively. They should be able to blend in with your brand, this is Spokesmodels that is going to represent your company’s brand image by providing props or other appeal to wear at the event.

In a more professional setting, having a glamorous model might not be the best course to take when hiring a Spokesmodel. The Models might bring eye appeal but this is an investment into being able to land new accounts or leads. This is where Experience and style should be highly considered when picking the right talent for your company’s trade show.

When hiring for a Trades Show Model, you should consider that Executives have no reason to engage in a Model that isn’t able to help articulate your brand. While Models are getting eye appeal from crowds and have a bubbly friendly personality, hiring a Spokesmodel that can be able to engage people and begin the sales process is more beneficial on the trade show floor. SpokesModels are not only beautiful but able to promote the messages and information needed to gather more qualified leads into the booth.

Every Trade show exhibitor can be able to afford a professional trade show model to work at their company’s booth. With hiring attractive experienced booth personnel, an exhibitor will be able to better prepare prospective leads at a lower cost and more efficiently than their sales people. Professional spokesmodels will not only be able to invite the attendees, gather their information, give introductions to sales people that can offer solutions, but as well as be able to distribute information to attendees that they can leave with. Sales people can better spend their time selling solutions the attendee’s wants and needs, instead of generating interest on their own.

The right Spokesmodels that you hire for your trade show will know how to give an attendee value for their time, by pleasantly engaging them, encouraging their participation, share ideas and concerns that will be able to begin the conservation. The Trade Show Model will then be able to begin the process with assisting with questions and introducing to the right sales staff that will bring them to the solution to their problem. If the sales weren’t made then, the attendees will be able to remember visit as an positive experience as being informative and helpful. Then have a realistic positive follow up that that will follow through in the sales pipeline.

Bring in an intelligent, experienced Spokesmodel into your exhibit booth, as they will be able to qualifying and gathering leads for your sales people. Then watch as you will receive more lead generation since you will have the right team put in place to be able to get the right attendes to your sales team to help find solutions for their problems

The right Staffing Agency will know what type of talent will best work for your company and the trade show you will be attending. With the strong relationships they have with their models, they will have the experience to be able to recommend the right talent that will be the right fit to reach your goals, either it be to increase leads or build interest about a new product or service. An Event staffing agency will be able to staff your trade show with not only attractive but intelligent Spokesmodels that will be able to help bring your brand to the next level on the trade show floor.

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  1. I had no idea spokes models needed experience in things like sales! I think it’s really cool that they can get experience in that as well as modeling. My daughter wants to be a model when she grows up, and now I can tell her about this!

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