Helpful Tips for making a successful Trade Show Booth

When you as an Exhibitor decide that your company needs to display itself on the Trade Show Floor, it is going to require a large investment of time, effort, and money of your company. This is why it is imperative that your booth bring in the success that you are looking for with the convention. You will find that essential attendees to your booth’s success will either gravitate to your booth or walk right past it, it all depends if you are able to spark that interest in them. We here at SpokesModels Agency want to make sure that you are able to know the most helpful tips to making your trade show booth a success.

Location! Location! Location!

Two of the most important decisions you will be making when you first decide upon exhibiting at a trade show, is the size and location of your booth. If you are new to trade show marketing, starting out with a huge booth, might be over using your resources, but if you go too small, you might miss out on the traffic that is essential for your trade show success. One helpful tip is getting at the very least the matching square footage of your main competitor.

Good locations will often get booked up quickly, this is why you should start as soon as you know to get a prime location. Getting a prime location might cost your company more, but the benefit of getting more foot traffic will give you more benefit for your investment. Another Helpful tip is if you plan on exhibiting regularly at the trade show, is to try to get locked in at a high volume location for you to return for years to come. Some good places to consider for your company’s booth are areas that are centrally located, near by entrances, and along the main aisles of the show.

Booth that turns Heads

A trade show booth that grabs attendees attention and draws them into the booth is one that not only is visually appealing, but one that is eye catching. Yes, Bright colors are a great way to grabbing people’s attention, but if it is thematic chaos or even has no theme at all, you will end up pushing people away. You need to have a clear, straight-forward message, about who you are, what you do, and what problem you are solving in less than 4 seconds. This should be able to be seen from all directions, helping to bring in attendees from near and far to be able to learn more.

One helpful tip for creating a booth that will help draw in more people is one that has a variety of marketing appeal for different people, as bright colors won’t bring in everyone. Some Attendees might favor the bright colors and displays, while others prefer flyers and pamphlets about your company. There are some that might be visual oriented that might favor high-definition videos on screen, or others that are more hands on and want to engage with product directly. Another helpful tip is for further long-term cost saving, invest in a booth that could be able to be modified to different sizes. This will allow you to be able to have the flexibility to either increase or decrease your trade show space, or even participate in secondary trade shows in a smaller booth area for less cost.

Buzz Spreading Giveaways

Giving away items for the sake of having Giveaways is not the most sure way for more bang for your buck. Step above the crowd, as branded promotional items such as pens, stress balls, cups, folders, notepads are going to be coming from every booth. Some helpful tips is providing an unique promotional item, will be able to spread the buzz of your booth, such as a free download, a free e-book, or a trial or full version of an app. Even getting something that a person could use for their most important item for any business person, their phone, such as a media holder, or a business card holder to attach to the phone.

Contest and Games

Same goes with contest and games, having a game just to have a game won’t get you the attention that you are seeking. Hosting a game is to give you a mechanism to engage potential clients in conversation, and being able to collect their information for them to be able to participate. Simple games such as raffles and bingo won’t generate the buzz on the trade show floor, but games that are new and exciting will be a sure way to bring in more attendees. Try getting people involved with a game show, inspire upon popular game shows, then tailoring the questions to fit your industry. Even renting an arcade style game like basketball toss or skeeball will attract visitors, then use it to encourage people to get the high score to receive a prize at the end of the day. Both ways can be used to be able to obtain attendees interest to visit your booth and then obtain information from them. One Helpful tip when offering a prize, having a tempting one will get more players but make sure you are offering a prize that will gain interest from in the industry leaders. As providing an Ipad as the prize might get you information for leads, but most might not be quality leads.

Social Media Presence

Social Media should play more of a bigger role for your trade show marketing to help bring in more foot traffic to your booth. Being Active during the trade show on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will help you engage not only attendees but those that couldn’t make it to the trade show via using hashtags. As every trade show has a hashtag that goes along with it, you will be able to connect to the network of people who are interested in the event. Some helpful tips is to use this platform to be able to share with the network Booth pictures and location information will help provide attendees to locate you on the trade show floor. As well as giving you a free access to promoting your promotional giveaways and information regarding your booth’s game or contest. This should be done several times a day at minimum for twitter, and maximum of 3 times a day for Instagram and Facebook.

Be Approachable

Even with having an eye-catching booth, buzz generating contests, or even the loudest social media presence at the convention, won’t be able to give you the success you will need. If you aren’t supplying attendees an inviting and approachable booth environment, people aren’t going to want to stop by long to provide you their information. The most important aspect with this is your booth’s staff, attendees want to see the staff with happy faces and professional demeanor to feel comfortable enough to be able to approach and engage them. Even not having enough staff present to handle the heavy traffic times will make potentially quality leads leave your booth. One helpful tip is to hire professional promotional talent from models, hostesses, product demonstrators, narrators, or costume characters, as these talent’s sole purpose is to be able to give you the approachable booth staff to be able to outshine your competition.

Hire Professional Booth Talent

​With the amount of your company’s resources that is put into making a successful booth, bringing your whole team might not be the best investment for your booth. Your team might be the best in the industry, but if they have never been to a trade show, they might not be able to bring value to the cost of flying them to the trade show. Our Professional booth talent sole purpose is to be able to give our client’s the approachable and professional presence that is needed for a successful booth on the trade show floor. They are trained to move attendees off the trade show floor and direct them to appropriate staff members to be able to close more leads, while providing a welcoming smile. Generating buzz about having a welcoming environment and the best hospitality, is the sure way of being able to bring in more attendees for your trade show. One Last Helpful tip is to use SpokesModels Agency with providing your booth staffing needs. As we are able to provide the best talent in the industry that is able to bring more attendees to your booth, bring in more leads, and be able to answer questions for attendees, while your staff is busy generating the more important leads. We are there from Start to Finish to make sure that hiring Booth Talent goes as smoothly as possible.

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  1. You make a point that it is best to hire someone professionally if your staff has not been in a tradeshow. My sister wants to attend a trade show to promote the company’s photography talent. I will recommend her seeking for a casting service company so she can be helped in the tradeshow.

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